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Since 2003, Parchment has served as the trusted intermediary between thousands of employers, academic institutions, associations, licensing boards and millions of learners. Across more than 90 countries, millions of lifelong learners and institutions trust Parchment for digital credentials.

Issue Secure Digital Certificates, Licenses and Certifications


Go Digital

With tools to award, renew, revoke and expire the credentials you issue, it’s a simple and secure way to manage the lifecycle of digital credentials.

Stack for Success

From high school to college to career, learners can store and share all of their credentials from one free & simple online account.

Secure Credentials

Our patented Blue Ribbon Certified PDF is tamper evident and validates on each open to make sure it hasn’t been altered.

Print & Mail

Our professional print & mail facility takes the hassle out of your paper certificate distribution anywhere worldwide.

Centralize Transcript Collection & Management

All incoming transcripts are fed directly into your database

Parchment Receive allows incoming transcripts and other records to securely arrive in a unified inbox for uniform workflows and upload directly to your database of record.

Centralized Collection

Gather incoming transcripts from every sender into a unified inbox

Eliminate Fraud

End-to-end security across the platform and within each credential eliminates credential fraud

Direct Integration

Within 24 hours all incoming transcripts are fed into your database automatically

NEW! Issue Digital Certificates
Issue digital certificates to your employees. They can share them on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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